Tonica tappenstreg (tatoo)

Here is the text to our cherished hymn, a march composed by Tonica member Carl Justesen in 1950: “Hør blot nu lyder Klang og Spil.” Alle i Gaden iler til. Der spilles op med Fynd og Klem. Hornene gjalder, Tonerne kalder. “Det er Musik for dig og mig, nu klinger deres Tappenstreg” Piber og Trommer lyder, nu kommer Tonica! Curious about the melody? Then come to our next new years concert, or join the orchestra :-).

Tonica’s own composers

In its 77 years, TONICA was lucky to have talented arrangers and composers in its own rows. Our huge music archive brims with rare hand written material, notably our hymn, the march Tonica tappenstreg, composed by Carl Justesen in 1950. Bue Lund Nielsen alone has written more than 90 pieces during his 33 years as TONICA’s conductor. Today we have two members, Arne Dich and Peter Riis, who unwearingly provide us with fantastic music. Both of them have already written